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What kind of thermometer should I use?

If you think your baby has a fever, it’s important to know exactly what his temperature is, so you’ll need a good digital thermometer.

Taking your baby’s temperature rectally will give you the most accurate result, and the best tools for this are rectal thermometers, which are designed specifically for this purpose. Look for one with a flexible tip and a wide handle that won’t let you insert the thermometer more than an inch. Inserting it farther can perforate your child’s rectum.

More expensive options include temporal artery thermometers, which use an infrared scanner to measure a baby’s temperature with a simple swipe across the forehead, and tympanic (ear) thermometers, which can be trickier to use. 

Whichever method you choose, don’t take your child’s temperature right after a bath, when his body temperature is likely to be temporarily elevated. Wait at least 20 minutes after bath time for an accurate reading. The same is true if your baby’s been swaddled.