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  • Once the umbilical cord has fallen off, it is alright to bathe your baby
  • If the umbilical cord hasn’t fallen off, give your baby a sponge bath
  • During bath time, never leave your baby alone, not even for a few seconds
  • Newborn babies should only be bathed 1 to 2 times a week.  If you bathe them more, it can dry out their skin


  • Prior to handling your newborn, you should wash your hands.  Babies haven’t built up an immune system and can be susceptible to infection. 
  • You can use baby wipes on your baby
  • You should remove all stool and urine
  • Air dry the area

Besides bathing and diapering, other baby care includes brushing teeth and gums and trimming nails. 


  • By trimming your baby’s fingernails and toenails frequently, you can prevent scratches
  • To trim the nails, use a rounded nail scissors, being careful not to trim too close to the finger or toe
  • It is a good idea to trim the nails when the baby is sleeping.

Dental Hygiene starts before a baby’s first teeth grow.  To help prevent plaque buildup, wipe down the infant’s gums with a gauze-wrapped finger after feedings to remove any food residue.  This can be done until the first few teeth come in.  Once the baby’s mouth fills with teeth, use a baby-sized toothbrush and a small bit of toothpaste.