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Signs Your Baby is Getting Enough to Eat

  • At least 8 feedings in 24 hours.
  • Enough wet and dirty diapers for their age
  • Active and alert with a strong cry.
  • Mouth and lips are wet and pink.
  • To make sure your baby is getting enough by tracking his feeding
  • If you feel your baby is not getting enough milk

Contact your healthcare provider or lactation consultant Your baby may have a sleepy week or two and you may have a hard  time keeping him interested in feeding. If he is very sleepy, try undressing him down to his diaper. The skin-to-skin contact may help keep him awake. You may need to rub the bottoms of his feet or back to keep him awake.  You can also try to unwrap him, so he is not so cozy and warm, which can make him sleepy. Talk to your baby while you are nursing. This may also help keep him interested in finishing the feeding. Take cues from your baby; he will let you know what he needs.

Newborn Tummies Are Very Small!

It is common for babies to feed often during the first

few days. This helps bring in good milk supply.

Day 1 (5-7 ml)

Size of Grape

Day 3 (22-27ml)

Size of Cherry Tomato

Day 7 (45-60 ml)

Size of a Strawberry

Month 1 (80-150 ml)

Size of a Lime