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Car Seat Safety

Basic Guidelines

Every state requires that infants and children ride buckled up. Using a car safety seat correctly can help prevent injuries to your infant.

A baby needs a safe car seat to go home from the hospital. Although you may think it is safer to hold your baby in your arms, IT IS NOT. An infant car seat should state that it complies with the Federal Vehicle Safety Standard 213.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children ride in the rear-facing child safety seats for at least 2 years. New research shows toddlers are more than 5 times safer riding rear-facing in a convertible car safety seat until they reach the maximum height and weight recommendations for that particular model.

The “Best” car safety seat is one that fits your newborn and can be set up the right way for your car. You must use it EVERY time you put your baby in the car. It does not matter if it is the most expensive seat – if it is not installed properly, it may not protect your baby.

Infant-only seats may come with more than one harness slot. They have room for your baby to grow. In the rear-facing position, the harness should be in the slots at or below your baby’s shoulders. Check the car safety seat manufacturer’s instructions to be sure.